I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for a life-changing course the weekend before last. I think I must have told about a dozen people about how amazing it was!

After our one to-one coaching session I went for a walk in the park exactly as you suggested and I have to say it was the happiest I have felt in the whole of 2016.
— Nadeem Azam
Since learning about the inside out paradigm I find myself leading a more peaceful and harmonious life, having learnt that my behaviour need not be dictated by my thoughts and feelings.
— T Spain
You know what Sarah, that was one of the most interesting and impactful conversations I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t realise how much thinking around food, health and fitness. I had and oddly I hadn’t seen the connection between food and ‘thinking about food
— Graham Pallister
My health has improved beyond belief; in fact it’s been a bit of an awakening
— Justin Gregory
Sarah’s passion for knowledge combined with her compassion and caring create an unbeatable combination which fosters a great environment to make sense of nutritional and emotional concerns. I found my time with Sarah fascinating and unbelievably helpful. She has set me on a path which I can continue to explore and cultivate throughout the rest of my life. I am truly grateful.
— Amanda Baker


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About Sarah Phipp

Health Guru. Nutritionist. Transformational Coach.  Sarah's journey from healing herself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to the current energy filled being she is today has given her so much knowledge and enlightenment along the way, which she now wants to share along with her passion to improve the lives of others. 

As owner of Nuts About Health, Sarah has created a coaching business to share her years of knowledge gained whilst training in nutrition and the endless research she loves to do into new information around health and wellbeing.  Sarah's particular interest is focused on the mind: body connection when it comes to health, recognising that great health comes not just from nourishing food but also from recognising how we create our experience from our state of mind.  Focusing on one without the other will give only limited results.

Psychological habits we have in day-to-day life can have a huge impact on our body’s physiology.  Sarah works with clients on their state of mind, as well as their physical health, to uncover ‘mind habits’ that may be sabotaging their health.  

Sarah teaches a groundbreaking new paradigm in thinking when it comes to de-cluttering the mind.  The principles behind the inside out paradigm are so simple yet so groundbreaking, and refreshingly, without the need for any strategies, tools or techniques. Sarah is making a huge impact on the lives of her clients pointing them towards greater peace of mind and wellbeing in all areas of their lives, be that finances, relationships, work, parenting or health.

Sarah is a blogger, speaker and coach based in Brighton & Hove, E Sussex, UK but works with a worldwide customer base.

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